Vesicarum are a visceral five-piece death metal band from Kent, UK. Bursting at

the seams with brutal energy - featuring frantic, technical riffing; topped off

with frontman Glynn Neve’s signature vocal style.

The band was originally created in 2016 as a solo project by Glynn, growing in

early 2018 to include guitarists Martin Shipton and James Thompson, and

drummer Donal McGee.

The name, ‘Vesicarum’ - meaning ‘to fester’, in Latin is an ode to the sinister

nature of the band’s music and lyrical content. Featuring darker subjects

including serial killers and The Ankou (The Graveyard Watcher), the central

lyrical theme is hatred - the band describe their music as “an adrenaline rush

that is a great escape from the stresses and strains of life.”

After joining forces with One Eyed Toad Records in late 2019, the band went

on to release their highly successful debut EP ‘Reign Of Terror’ in the first half

of 2020. Lead single ‘The Sick And The Depraved’ achieved worldwide airplay; while

the EP itself received widespread attention, notably featuring in Zero

Tolerance Magazine.

With bassist Mark Willson bolstering the band’s roster; Vesicarum are poised

to return to the studio for more sonic mayhem.

Vesicarum are:

Glynn Neve - Vocals

Martin Shipton - Guitar

James Thompson - Guitar

Mark Willson- Bass

Donal McGee - Drums